How can YOU help

Muslims Unite cannot achieve any of the our goals without you. You need to help us by:

  • Registering with us. Providing us with address and contact details.
  • Providing us with details of the number of voters in your family.
  • Participating in campaigns to put pressure on organisations to make a change in favour of Muslims by sending emails or making phone calls.
  • Participating in protests and marches against actions that offend our core values or are involved in killing of innocent Muslims.
  • Registering to vote and to vote for the candidates that have been lobbied by Muslims Unite so that we have appropriate representation in the parliament.
  • Making one off or monthly direct debit donations to Muslims unite so that we can assemble the team of best lawyers, best speakers and best managers to give Muslims a voice.
  • Participating in discussions on our forum so that we, as a collective group, can make decisions on how to move forward.
  • Participate in Muslims unite voting so that we can agree on actions.
  • By joining our team! If you have skills that you may feel will benefit us, then we will really appreciate your help.
  • We would love it if you could help us with all of the above. However, not everyone will be in position to help with each of the activities. E.g. someone with weak English will not be ideal for email or telephone campaigning nor will someone with physical disability always be able to join us for protests.

    We do request that you take action. We always look enviously at our Jew cousins that they are so organised to become a power without even a big army. Here is our chance to do the same. We are more in number and we can make that work in our favour.




This site is currently being actively developed. This section will contain links to the information that relates to some of the issues that we will be progressing through this organisation: