What is NOT covered by Muslims Unite

Unification of religious sects

This task will require a concerted effort all over the world. Although it will be good if such unification can happen, it is beyond our scope.

Calls to violent Jihad

Although taking arms for Jihad is every Muslims right, we want to use the means other than violent jihad to make our voices heard.

Dawah to Islam

This is a really good task to undertake if we had the means. However, in the infancy of Muslims Unite, we will not be calling people to Islam. If we have funds and people in the future to take this forward, we will.

Muslims Unite is not a charity

There are many humanitarian disasters around the world that affect Muslims and non Muslims alike. Also, there are humanitarian crises around the world in the warn torn Muslim countries which are in civil war or have been invaded by foreign forces. Although Muslims Unite will like to help in such cases, there are many charities already around who have the infrastructure to deal with such cases. If we appeal for money for any worthwhile cause, we will request that any money is paid to one of our partner charities.




This site is currently being actively developed. This section will contain links to the information that relates to some of the issues that we will be progressing through this organisation: