How we will make changes

Islam in media

There have been countless incidents where Islam has been attacked unfairly on television and news papers. What we need to do as an Ummah is to collectively fight against such bias. We will collectively bombard these news papers and media outlets with calls and emails condemning their actions and put pressure on them to report accurately and responsively.

Freedom of expression law

We would ensure that the media in the UK and Europe follow strict guidelines such that our Prophet (peace be upon him) is not subject to attack under the guise of freedom of expression. We will lobby to make it a criminal act to carry out such actions in future. We will defend our Prophet (peace be upon him) by taking all legal and concrete actions needed.

Anti Muslim laws

We would like equal rights as our Jew cousins have who are protected by law from any criticism. Any criticism of them is punishable by Jail. We either want an equivalent law for Muslims or for that law to be abolished as well.

Stop reward for Islam bashing

We would fight to ensure that people like Sulman Rushdie are not given rewards such as knighthood in the future. People like him whose only accomplishment in this world is to write a book that has infuriated 20% of the whole population should not be rewarded. We would lobby to get the knighthood rescinded for the aforementioned.

Kashmir and Palestine

Power of our votes will be used to ensure that once MPs who are elected after the backing of Muslims Unite, push for a stance from the British and European parliament that supports the right of Palestinian and Kashmiri people.

Provide support to Muslim families

Many Muslims in the UK lead a very busy and difficult life. Our work lives mean that we are not always in the position to give our children the time and understanding of our religion. We will create 24 hour help lines to help our children (and adults) with advice so that they can deal with their lives. We will give support on your rights by Islamic and British laws. We will give you someone impartial and empathic to talk to any day and time.

Islam in family life

Family law in the UK means that children do not have obligation to their parents after they are 16. We want this law to be amended to take into account Muslim values where much of our lives revolve around our children. We have to keep a close eye on them to ensure that the filth in society does not affect our children. We want to brainstorm and come up with laws that protect both Muslim parents and children.

Womens right to cover themselves

Muslims unite stand against any local or European laws that violate womens right to cover themselves. If women are free to choose what to wear and how little to wear in the western culture, Muslim women have right to cover themselves as much as they want. Muslims Unite will lobby and fight this in UK and European courts.

Islam in medicine

We will lobby to change the laws to allow Muslims to die and be buried in a dignified manner. Current British law allows the medical practitioners to rip a Muslims body apart if they die under unknown circumstances. We are people who believe in Allah an day of judgement. We would like the law to be changed so that people have an option to opt out from the autopsies. If foul play is involved then we would rely on non-autopsy based procedures and modern forensic science to solve the problem in this world and leave it to Allah in the next world. We will lobby to make it mandatory that our mothers, sisters and daughters always have access to female medical practitioners.

Islam at work

We would fight for the duty of Muslims to pray at work to be recognised by law. We would lobby for appropriate wudu and prayer facilities to be made available at all places of work in the UK.




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