Welcome to Muslims Unite

Assalam O Alaikum Brother / Sister,

Thank you for visiting our site and joining our journey.

Muslims Unite has been set up by a group of Muslims from the UK who want to make a difference. We want to unite ALL Muslims in the UK under one banner:

La illah ila Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah

Therefore we want all Muslims to unite regardless of the sect that they belong to. Ahle-Sunnat, Ahle-Hadith and Shia all are welcome. When we say that Muslims make up 20% of the world population, we do not count how many are Sunni or how many are Shia. Then why should we let the enemies of Islam divide us in order to rob us of our voice?

Our Aim

Our aim is to enlist help from all Muslims in the United Kingdom in order to

  • Compile a list of professionals who can help us to progress our goals.
  • Compile a list of people who are willing to come out on the street when it is deemed to be necessary by majority of our members
  • Compile a list of financial supporters who can help us with expenses to run this organisation
  • Compile a Muslims voter list so that we can ascertain our voting power in each area that we can use for political lobbying
  • Please visit our How Muslims Unite will make change page to find out in detail what changes we want to make and how we will go about it.

    Some of the greatest leaders in the modern era such as Jinnah and Mandela were lawyers. We will develop a legal team supported by your funding that will legally challenge all the injustice against the Muslims. Our children should not need to take up the arms if we protect their rights and stop the current pressure cooker of injustice from putting so much pressure or individuals that they believe that they have to take unilateral actions.




This site is currently being actively developed. This section will contain links to the information that relates to some of the issues that we will be progressing through this organisation: